About Us

Our History

Founded in 1986, Mount Zion Human Services Inc. has a proven track record of being the provider of choice in Health & Wellness, Work, Family life and Education programs. We strive to reduce disparities and bridge the gap for the communities throughout St. Petersburg and neighboring communities.

In the coming years, we will continue with our efforts of revitalizing communities and help bring about a thriving St. Petersburg in which every community is impartial, inclusive and unified.

Our Mission

The mission of Mt. Zion Human Services is to “serve the community to impact change”.

The goals of the agency are:

  • To help children achieve superior outcomes in the areas of education and academic preparedness through tutoring, as well as social, physical, and spiritual development.
  • To aid parents and families in achieving family success, financial security and a basis of material, and spiritual wealth.
  • To work alongside private investors and public stakeholders in creating a competitive and attractive landscape of commercial and housing development.

The path to sustainability is different for every community – but the common elements are a healthy environment, a strong economy and the well-being of the people living in the community.

With these staples present the neighborhood will take pride in themselves, their environment and the community. That is our goal and mission.

Our Staff

Jamison Carnegie, President / CEO

Jamison Carnegie
President / CEO

Meet Jamison Carnegie, the new Executive Director of Mount Zion Human Services Inc. A native of St. Petersburg and Bradenton, Florida. Jamison spent much of his childhood playing for Lakewood Jr. Spartans, Manatee Mustangs, attending the Police Athletic League of St. Petersburg afterschool/summer program, as well as attending 13th Avenue Dream Center in Bradenton; before relocating to the Greater Tampa Bay area for his Middle and High school years. From there, he transitioned to Florida State University where he studied International Affairs with a concentration in Public Administration. 

Jamison’s passion to help, create and bring about everlasting change to less fortunate communities and individuals; has become a reality. Fast forward to now as the new Director, Jamison is able help push the agenda of creating change, providing opportunities, and establishing a change within the Midtown Region of St. Petersburg. Being the son of Patrick Carnegie, the President/CEO of MCR Health in Bradenton, Florida; whom also has a long history of positively impacting the community, as well as providing opportunities – the bar is set high, and he has the tools and resources to bring about change.  Young, eager, and determined, Jamison is excited to get to work. He has a vision for a better and stronger Midtown Region and wants to take Mount Zion Human Services to new heights. He won’t not stop until the job is done.